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What to do if your team member didn't receive the Shift for Teams invite

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If your team member hasn't received your invitation to join your team, that could be for a few reasons. This article contains a list of troubleshooting steps you can take to fix this!


  1. Check that you, the Admin, have followed the correct onboarding steps. Read onboarding steps for Admin here
  2. Check that your team member has followed the correct steps. Read onboarding steps for Members here
  3. As the Admin, go to the online account portal and sign in using your Primary Shift Account.  
  4. Click on Teams in the left side panel and check to make sure the email of your team members is spelled correctly. If it's not, delete the existing email and re-add the correctly spelled email address
  5. Make sure your team member is signed into Shift with the correct account (the email they're signed in with should be the same as the email that appears in the Teams dashboard). Find out how to check what account you're signed into in Shift here
  6. Have your Team member check the spam/junk folder of their inbox. The join team email should come from 
  7. Remove the team member and re-add them to the team or resend the invite from the Teams Dashboard via the online portal


If you still need help after giving these steps a try, please submit a ticket as our Support team would be happy to help!



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