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Extensions: How does 1Password work in Shift?

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This article outlines how to use 1Password within Shift.

How does 1Password work in Shift?

There are two ways you can add 1Password to Shift:

  1. Add 1Password as an app (not recommended)
  2. Add 1Password as a browser extension (recommended)

When you add 1Password as an app to your sidebar, you're simply adding the web-based app which does not have the password auto-fill capabilities that you're likely looking for. 

When you add the 1Password browser extension, however, password credentials stored in 1Password will auto-fill for the email accounts, apps, and various log-in sites that you have added to Shift. 

The Shift browser supports Chrome extensions, which means the 1Password extension will function in Shift just as it would in your native Chrome browser. Credentials stored via the 1Password extension will auto-fill for the emails, applications, and log-in sites that you have added to Shift. See below for an example of signing in to Facebook in Shift with credentials stored in 1Password.

How do I add the 1Password browser extension to Shift?

  1. Click the "extension library" icon (located in the top right corner of your Shift view)
  2. Click the blue "+" button
  3. Search "1Password" in the Chrome extension store
  4. Select "Add to Shift"
  5. Allow
  6. A new web tab will open prompting you to sign in to 1Password. Sign in with your 1Password account credentials.
  7. 1Password is now active in Shift

Known Issues

Currently, there are two known issues with the 1Password extension in Shift, which are the following:

What's next?

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