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What to do if you can't find an extension in the Chrome library

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Shift Ultra offers full Chrome extension support. Due to the way that the Chrome extension library search query functions, less-used or obscure extensions may not show up when searched. If you're searching for a Chrome extension in Shift but cannot find it, we recommend walking through the steps below:

1. Confirm that the extension is indeed included in the Chrome extension library

This may seem obvious, but it's worth opening up the Chrome extension library outside of Shift and searching for the extension. If nothing comes up, that's an indicator that some additional sleuthing is needed.

2. Double-check that the extension is spelled correctly

This may also seem obvious, but spelling needs to be exact (especially for those lesser-known and obscure extensions). If the extension you're looking for is still not showing up when searched (in both Shift and in Chrome), you'll have to find the direct link to the extension in the Chrome extension library (Step 3 below).

3. Obtain the extension link directly from the provider's website

Each Chrome extension supported in the library has a unique URL. In most cases, the extension creator will provide that direct URL to the extension, in the Chrome extension library.

Example -

1. Open up a new tab and browser search "how to download extension _____" or something similar.

2. Browse any relevant support articles for information on how to download that specific Chrome extension.

3. Once a link to download the extension from the Chrome extension library is found, copy and paste that URL in the Shift search bar and search.

4. You should now have the Chrome extension library page for the extension opened in Shift

5. Select "Add to Shift" and sign in to the extension


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