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Gabriel and Shift: Co-Founder, Entrepreneur and Writer

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Check out our interview with Gabriel, a serial entrepreneur, business owner, and writer. Watch and read about how Gabriel uses Shift to conquer his inboxes and achieve workflow zen.

Gabriel is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v9), here.


The Need for Shift

As co-founder and leader of a non-profit startup, a successful translation company, writer, and avid NTF-learner, Gabriel has a lot on the go. Residing in Israel, a typical day for this entrepreneur means managing numerous projects, coordinating staff, and ensuring his company's IT, infrastructure, and processes are running smoothly. It goes without saying that he wears many hats. All those hats bring constant context-switching. Before discovering Shift in September 2020 through a few co-workers, Gabriel was using several incognito Windows so that he could stay logged into his different accounts. Anytime he turned off his computer, all his windows would close, with no easy way to open back up all the web tabs he organized within each. With countless hours wasted reopening tabs and organizing browser windows, Gabriel knew he needed a better solution.

Gabriel's Favorite Shift Feature

With Shift, Gabriel is able to vastly reduce the time spent on context switching. With about 15 different emails and countless apps and web tabs open at any given time, Shift's interface allows for optimal organization. Less time is spent accessing all the different tools and information needed to get the job done.

Gabriel has ~25 different Workspaces in Shift. Needless to say, he's what we would call the ultimate power user of Shift's Workspace feature. Workspaces allow you to group together apps, bookmarks, and web tabs. This simple, easy-to-use feature takes browser organization to another level, that cannot be achieved using a regular browser. Gabriel's Workspaces are topical, where each Workspace represents a specific project or topic that allows him to work in batches.

Gabriel's Work Tips

Gabriel gets the most out of Shift by utilizing its power features, namely Workspaces. Gabriel recommends anyone who might be hesitant to use Shift simply give it a try and play around with it. Spend a bit of time adding a few emails and Workspaces. One of the most powerful things about Shift is how it retains the spaces you've created. When you shut down your computer and start it up again, everything you've added to Shift is there, ready to be used. Learn more about using Shift across multiple computers here.

For a productive day, Gabriel starts each morning with yoga, meditation, and a cup of tea. So go ahead and take it from the zen master himself: instead of checking Facebook, give Shift a try! You'll be glad you did!

Gabriel is the co-founder of a translation services company, Q-Lingua. Check out the website here.

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