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Kevin and Shift: Sales Executive, Volunteer, and MBA Candidate

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We spoke with Kevin, a sales executive, data advocate, and MBA student about how using Shift has helped him manage his busy life, and eliminate stress. Watch the video and read more below!

** Kevin is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v8), here. **


As Head of Growth at Conway Consulting, Kevin works with multiple clients and different teams. His volunteer work at Data for Good has him coordinating with numerous non-profits to increase data utilization and proficiency. He's been involved with the organization for the last 12 years, running the division in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada for the last five. On top of numerous emails and communication channels (Slack, Messenger, Skype, to name a few) that come along with his professional and volunteer duties, Kevin is also an MBA candidate.


The Need for Shift

Kevin knew he needed a different tool from his browser to manage his intense workload when he started to miss messages from the numerous emails and communication channels he manages. He found there was no easy way to turn off or silence notifications temporarily if he wanted some uninterrupted focus time. Using browser tabs, Kevin spent a significant amount of time logging in and out and reopening tabs each time he shut down his computer. His browser was taking up a significant amount of memory and he frequently ran into crashing issues, leading to increased stress and anxiety in his day-to-day work. Ultimately, Kevin realized he was using his browser did not have the functionality he needed.


"A browser is not designed for complex communication needs. It doesn't allow you to navigate efficiently through all your tabs. Managing tabs and notifications is manual, laborious, and very inefficient."

Realizing a browser was not the way to go, Kevin tried a myriad of things to manage his accounts and communications. From forwarding everything into a single inbox, using a single email for everything, scheduling focus time in his schedule where he didn't check notifications, and using an email solution to combine his inboxes together; he ultimately found that these tactics were ineffective and just as time-consuming as his browser was. This led to Kevin's search for a solution to combine everything into a single platform. Through this search, he discovered Shift.


Kevin's Shift Experience & Favorite Features

Since he started using Shift in October 2021, Kevin's efficiency has increased tremendously. Not only is his workflow smoother, but he's also eliminated the stress and anxiety that he experienced when working in a browser and other email clients. Kevin now easily manages his email notifications and app notifications and can work uninterrupted with the help of the Mute Notifications feature. With email, calendar, drive, and service options available within each email added to Shift, getting to where he needs to be in Shift is easier than ever. 


"Immediately after I started using Shift, I realized how much better my life was going to get. Organizing all my tools in one place was really useful. The other thing I like the most is the notification customizations and how easily I can mute all my notifications with one button. Shift works with all my apps and takes care of 99% of my communication needs."

Kevin's Wellness Tips

As a self-professed "recovering tab-a-holic," Kevin has since incorporated minimalism into his work and life. He starts each day with a cold glass of salted lemon water to ensure he stays hydrated. Meditation plays a big role in his life and helps keep him balanced. Kevin spends time each morning planning his day with to-do lists and positive affirmations. To wind down from his day, Kevin takes a 20-minute run to help reduce stress. Staying physically active is essential to keeping him grounded and his mind clear. 


To help ensure he gets a restful sleep, Kevin ends most days with a hot bath and implements no screen time before bed. He reads a book in dim light to help prepare for sleep. A restful sleep each night, followed by a mindful preparation for each day, and with a bit of help from Shift, Kevin has found his ideal workflow.

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