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Laura and Shift: Co-founder and Chief Experience Officer

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We spoke with Laura about how using Shift has helped enable her team to manage multiple client portfolios, effectively. Read more below! 


** Laura is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v8), here. **


Laura is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of WISE Advise + Assist Team, a virtual team of military spouses, veteran spouses, and veterans who help small businesses fulfill their needs in public relations, business strategy, and bookkeeping, digital marketing, web design, and more. Laura's overall role as the CXO is to ensure that team members and their clients have the best possible experience. She actively works on building and maintaining a healthy organizational culture, ensuring that her team members have the right tools that they require to serve clients as best as possible.

Outside of work, Laura loves brunch outings, spending time outdoors, visiting museums, and enjoying the cherry blossoms around her neighborhood.


The need for Shift

Managing multiple client portfolios requires managing multiple Google Workspaces and social media accounts. Prior to Shift, Laura and her team had no efficient way of managing this; jumping from web tab to web tab, incognito window to incognito window. Constant re-authentication (not to mention losing track of which Google Workspace tool was for which client) was taking up a lot of time.

This led Laura to look for a solution that was capable streamline all her client's email and social media accounts so she could avoid constantly logging in and out of them. After testing out a few productivity apps, she came across Shift and was impressed with how easy it was to navigate.

Laura has been using Shift as her daily driver since July of 2019.

"I was wasting a lot of time before Shift!" 

Laura's use-case for Shift

As soon as Laura transitioned to Shift, she realized how much time and effort she saved by having all her and her client's go-to inboxes and social media accounts in one place. Shift's auto-login functionality and two-factor authentication support have helped Laura manage all her accounts in Shift without having to fuss about perpetually logging in and out. Laura later integrated apps like Hubspot, Canva, and Teamwork in Shift which gave her the ability to have a bird's-eye view of all her work tools from within Shift.

"Shift has been our all-in-one workstation; integrating software that we didn't think was even compatible."

Through Shift, Laura was also able to establish clear boundaries at work by dedicating Shift's dashboard entirely to work. At the end of the day, Laura can close Shift and use her laptop for personal use without having any work material on her screen. 

What's next?

Ready to try Shift for yourself? Download now!

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