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How to get mail links to always open in Shift

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Wondering how to set Shift as your default email handler and have mail links always open in Shift? Wonder no more! This article will walk you through how to set Shift as your default email application so that any email (mailto) links you click on will automatically open Shift and allow you to select what email you want to use within. Continue reading for our step-by-step instructions. 📩

How to set Shift as your default email application

You'll need to head into your computer's system settings to set Shift as the default application for your email. Check out the guides from Apple and Microsoft below:

Shift as the default email application in action

After you've set Shift as your default using the instructions above, anytime you click on an email link (mailto link) in another application or browser, Shift will automatically take focus and prompt you to select which email you'd like to use. Note that only added email accounts will appear as options here (i.e. your added Google and Microsoft accounts). Any web-based emails you're using such as Yahoo, Zoho, iCloud, etc. will not appear as options on this list).

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