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What to do if you're seeing an error on the add application page

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Are you trying to add a new app to your Shift setup and see an error page that says: It appears that something has gone wrong. Please try again or contact support? If the add app page isn't loading for you, this article is for you! We'll walk through some quick steps you can take to bring your app page in Shift back to life! 🏥



1. Hard refresh Shift

Press Ctrl Shift R (Windows) or Cmd Shift R (Mac) on your keyboard to hard refresh Shift. Sometimes, this is all that's needed to restore the connection.


2. Check your network/internet connection and restart your computer

Just like it sounds, sometimes a little refresh of your computer may be all that's needed. Shut down, and start it back up. After that, double-check there are no interruptions or recent changes made to your network or firewall, as these may prevent communication to Shift's server and cause this error to appear.


3. Perform a partial or full app data reset

A data reset helps remedy a wide range of issues and has shown high success in helping to address this particular issue! Follow the first set of steps outlined in the article below. If the first set of steps doesn't work, try the second set of steps:


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