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What to do if you encounter performance issues

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Encountering a sluggish Shift or running into high CPU/Memory issues? We have a few quick tips for things you can try, as well as advice on what information to include if you need to reach out to our support team 🐢👓 Please give all these steps a solid try! They tend to do the trick for most folks! 😊


1. Hard refresh Shift intermittently

To help ensure the best experience, we recommend you hard refresh Shift once or twice throughout your day. Press Cmd Shift R or Ctrl Shift R on your keyboard to hard refresh. We also recommend fully closing down Shift when you're done using it for the day. You can press Cmd Q or Ctrl Q to fully close Shift.


2. Check hardware acceleration settings

Check out this article for other quick tips you can try to optimize performance.


3. Check your internet connection

While it may seem obvious, internet connectivity affects the speed at which Shift operates on your device. Conducting a quick internet speed test (via a third-party app or web-based tool) will calculate your ping, download speed, and upload speed. 


4. Reset your application data

Clearing your application data can help keep Shift running smoothly and will often address performance issues. Look under the Solutions section of the articles linked below:

5. Helpful information to include if you get in touch with support

If the steps above don't address your issue, please try to include answers to the following questions to our support team. Having more context around the severity and when it occurs will provide our team with the information it needs to recommend other troubleshooting steps as well as to pass on to our quality and development teams so they can investigate the issue further:

  1. When do you experience the issue? (e.g. on startup or when using certain tools within Shift)?
  2. Is the issue continuous or does it ever subside? (e.g. does it only appear on startup and eventually go away)?
  3. Do you use other desktop applications while also using Shift? If so, please share the ones you use most often while Shift is running. 



What's next?

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