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Shift Student Discount

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Shift is proud to offer a 30% discount to all students to ensure you can stay organized and reach new heights at school! 📚 If you're a student, this discount is for you. Not only will Shift support you throughout your educational journey but through your professional career as well. This means that your 30% off discount will carry forward even after you graduate to ensure you can remain your most productive self throughout your career. Follow our simple steps below to apply:


  1. Download Shift and create an account: Download Shift here
  2. Complete our application: Student application

That's it! Once the application has been completed, our support team will be in touch shortly after to provide you with a coupon code. After you upgrade, you must confirm with our support team so we can ensure the 30% discount gets applied to your subscription going forward. After that, enjoy all the benefits of Shift Advanced or add additional members to your Shift Team. Any Shift for Teams licenses can be purchased at the same discounted rate.

Note: the Shift Student discount cannot be used with any other coupon or promotion. You must apply using your student email on the application. If you have already purchased Shift Advanced before completing the application, the discount will be applied to subsequent years. No partial refund can be provided if you have already purchased. 


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