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Samad and Shift: CEO and Fractional CMO

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We sat down with Samad to chat about how he stays organized across the many facets of his professional life. Check out the recap of our conversation, below!



** Samad is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v8), here. **


Samad is the founder and CEO of Funnel Marketr, a division of FunnelWorkSuite. He also serves as fractional CMO for multiple organizations.


Funnel Marketr is a marketing automation agency that works with direct-to-consumer and Saas brands. In their day-to-day, Samad and his team provide clients with growth and performance-based marketers who are hyper-focused on optimizing digital growth and increasing online presence.


Outside of his professional day-to-day, you can find Samad exploring hiking trails, spending time with his family, and decompressing from the digital world with woodworking and wood staining projects.


The Use-Case for Samad and his team

By nature of his professional responsibilities (running his own business and serving in leadership roles for others), Samad found himself juggling several different email inboxes. Without even taking all his other digital tools into account, managing separate email accounts across multiple separate browser windows was negatively impacting his ability to serve his clients and lead others to the best of his ability as he was spending valuable time trying to context-switch.


Samad first began using Shift in August of 2019 and implemented the tool across his team shortly thereafter. For Samad, Shift was the perfect productivity tool as it allows him to centralize all his email accounts and digital tools in one place. As his "all-in-one" daily driver, Shift serves as the hub for all his workflows. Rather than managing multiple different browser windows, each with its own plethora of web tabs, Samad can quickly move between clients and companies without losing focus.


"Shift helps me maintain inbox zero and context-switch between my clients and responsibilities."


Samad has 9 email accounts added to Shift, several Workspaces (sorted by client), as well as Quickbooks, LinkedIn, HubSpot CRM, Grammarly, and SaneBox applications.


Getting the most out of Shift

For his team, Shift serves first and foremost as a critical onboarding tool. Funnel Marketr employs several contractors at any given time. Thus, Samad takes full advantage of Shift's License Management feature. Whenever a new contractor comes on board, Samad purchases an additional Shift license. He'll then create a Shift account for the new contractor, and initially sign in to that account himself to pre-load their account with the specific email account(s) and digital tool(s) relevant to the client(s) that the contractor will be working with.


"Shift has been extremely helpful in speeding up our onboarding process."


Beyond using Shift as an onboarding tool, Samad takes full advantage of Workspaces. For each client that he's working with, he'll create a client-specific Workspace that contains all the apps, bookmarks, and tabs relevant to that specific client. He'll also share the Workspaces with his team members as needed to ensure teamwide visibility. When work with a particular client is completed, he'll remove that Workspace from his set-up - it's that easy.


Shift vs. A regular browser

Samad reflects on the switch to Shift and cherishes no longer having to navigate between multiple browser windows with many, many, stacked tabs. He acknowledges that this sounds like a pretty small detail, but that it's actually such an important optimization area because so much time can be spent navigating between tabs, as well as trying to regain the focus lost by inefficient context-switching. His advice to others is to think outside the box in how you can optimize your digital workflow.


"Getting rid of Shift would mean flooding my browser with web tabs - I'm never doing that!"


Connect with Samad on LinkedIn, here.


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