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Why Does my Email Show a Badge when I Don't Have Any Unread Emails?

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Are you wondering why your Workspace is showing an unread notification when you don't have any unread emails? The reason is due to the new feature, Workspaces! Continue reading to learn how badges work in Shift Ultra and how to adjust your badge settings! 🔔

How notification badges work in v9

The red notification badge you will get in your Workspaces on the sidebar will include all unread notifications for the added accounts and apps under that Workspace. It will not show just the unread email notifications anymore. For example, if you have 2 unread emails, 5 unread Slack messages, and 1 unread Android message, the Workspace badge in the sidebar will show 8 (2 + 5 +1).

badges edited.png


How to exclude apps from the total unread count for the Workspace

If you would like to turn off the ability for your apps to contribute to the total unread count for the Workspace all you need to do is right-click on the app in your sidebar and toggle "Include in Workspace Unread Count" OFF. 


If you want the email icon in your sidebar to only show the number of unread messages for your emails (and not include unread messages for any of your apps), do the above steps for all the apps in your sidebar. Eventually, the icon in the sidebar for your email will match the unread badge overtop of your email icon in the upper right corner and only show you the number of unread messages for the email inbox.



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