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Madeleine and Shift: Student and Intern

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We interviewed Madeleine (Maddy) and how her zest for business and marketing led to her discovery of Shift and working as an intern at Shift's headquarters in Victoria, BC. Watch and read about her experience with Shift below!

** Madeleine is using the old version of Shift (v7). Check out the new version of Shift (v8), here. **

Discovering Shift

Maddy, an Ottawa, Ontario native, pursued a post-graduate diploma in business administration and marketing after completing her undergraduate degree in psychology. After a few years of experience working in an Art Gallery as an associate on the marketing team, Maddy grew a passion for business. Part of her diploma program required her to complete an internship and it was while she was preparing for her job search that she discovered Shift. After downloading, it was clear to her how much Shift could help manage her life as a busy student with several active side projects in her personal life. When the role of a marketing intern became available at Shift sometime after, she knew she had to apply. She started her internship at Shift in September 2021 and has since won a prestigious award at her school, Camosun College, for Business intern of the year!

Shift Benefits

Maddy especially loves how Shift allows her to easily manage all her Instagram accounts. She added her personal account, along with her art account, where she paints on canvas and jean jackets (check out her work, her family's construction business, and of course, Shift's very own (@shift_browser). Now that she's transitioned her workflow into Shift, she can stay logged into all her Instagram accounts simultaneously, making switching among them quick and easy (without the log-in/log-out hassle).

After Maddy started her internship at Shift, she began to incorporate more and more of her workflow into Shift. She added more apps that she uses daily in her role (LinkedIn, Typeform, and, to name a few). It was at this point that she also discovered Workspaces. She's since created several Workspaces structured around her work responsibilities that she primarily uses to manage her bookmarks and web tabs. She prefers to leave her apps outside of Workspaces. For Maddy, Shift helps her most with context switching and organization. All aspects of her life require multiple tools and pieces of information. Shift offers a better way to organize and navigate among it all, something that she could never achieve using her browser.

"Having a tool like Shift that allows me to keep all my thought processes organized is huge."

In addition to Workspaces, Maddy recommends familiarizing yourself with Shift's other power tools like Auto-Hibernate, Mute Notifications, and Epic Search. Auto-Hibernate plays an important role in app and Workspace notification management. Mute Notifications allows her to work with more focus, pausing desktop popups and notifications automatically when in a meeting or for a set time. Unified search allows her to search and find online documents and emails with ease.

"I will use Shift for the rest of my life. I couldn't work without it."

Maddy's Daily Wellness Challenge

For the first hour of her morning, Maddy challenges herself to refrain from checking her phone. She recalls how she always woke up to so many messages and emails. This had her feeling anxious and like she was already behind before her day even really started. Since she's started refraining from checking her phone, her anxiety and FOMO levels have decreased tremendously, allowing her to be more present and mindful in her life. She recommends giving it a try!

Maddy will be graduating from Camosun College with a post-graduate degree in business administration in April 2022. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.

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