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All about the Account Portal

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The Account Portal is a place to manage your account, subscription, billing, and team all in one location. Most actions are possible through this portal as a self-serve option, meaning you will not need to reach out to support for assistance. However, some processes may require assistance from the support team. This article helps outline the available processes and which have a self-serve option. 

Check out this handy summary below that highlights these features.


Self-serve option

Support team help required

Unsubscribe to emails from Shift

Update payment information 

Requesting a refund - Individual account (If you are within the 14-day refund window)

Requesting a refund - Teams account (If you are outside the 14-day refund window)

Requesting a refund - Team account 

Cancelling your subscription - Individual account 

Cancelling your subscription - Teams account 

Reducing # of licenses on a team

Downloading a copy of your receipt

Add custom details (e.g., VAT, Tax IDs, etc.) to receipts 

Here is a walkthrough video for a better visual. 

At Shift, we try to make managing your account easier with as many self-serve options as possible. As always, if you are unable to access your account or are having any issues with the portal, please reach out to our support team, and we can help! 


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