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How to view your Shift browsing and sidebar history

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Want to view a recently closed web tab? Want to see the last few websites and accounts you've navigated to in Shift? The history tab's got you covered! Read below for some quick tips about the history tab and how to access it. 🔎

More about the history tab

While it isn't yet possible to reopen a recently closed web tab in Shift via keyboard shortcut, you can use the history tab to find the tab again if you recently went into the tab, but accidentally closed it. The history tab shows you the most recent web view history in Shift, including opened web tabs and sidebar accounts you've gone into. You can also search for the history items via Epic Search.

Need to clear your history? Here's how you can do that.

View your history 

  1. Quick Settings (Upper right) History
  2. Menu (Upper left) Window History

On Mac:

On Windows:

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